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Posted on 27th November, 2019

All our handmade, all-natural Love Popcorn ranges are made in our factory in Consett, County Durham.

It’s a town with pedigree in bringing delicious snacks in awesome flavours to the world, from the hands of people with a passion for flavour and taste.

But world-class snacks aren’t all there is to our base. Did you know:

At 900m above sea-level, Consett is the third highest market town in Britain

Steel made by Consett Iron Company was used to build Blackpool Tower

Consett’s Empire Theatre is one of the oldest in County Durham

The world’s first Salvation Army band was formed in Consett in December 1879

When full, the nearby Derwent Reservoir holds 11,000 million gallons of water

Rowan Atkinson, of Blackadder and Mr. Bean fame, was born in Consett

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5 stars all day long. My life long guilt has been crisps and I could not stop snacking on them. I found out that popcorn was a healthier alternative – though I wasn’t sure about the idea at first. After ordering from here I am now addicted. Who would believe you could have popcorn in so many flavours?

Harry Peacock / 06 December 2019