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New stockists for Love Popcorn

Posted on 15th September, 2020

Love Popcorn can be enjoyed in even more places as the summer draws to a close, with a growing list of venues and retailers stocking a selection of the delicious flavours from our snacking and gourmet ranges.

Check out the list of the places that have come on board in recent weeks and see where you can get your Love Popcorn fix aside from our fully stocked online store.

Jam Jar Cinema

Offering the best in local, friendly, affordable, inclusive, and diverse cinema, Jam Jar Cinema is a multi-award-winning venue which has decided to offer Love Popcorn Salty-Sweet, Sea Salt and Sweet to its discerning customers.

Focusing on excellent customer service, the Whitley Bay establishment is passionate about making a trip to the cinema a delight, a treat and a pleasure so we are understandably thrilled that Love Popcorn has be chosen to add to the experience that it offers.

Lymefield Garden Centre

Run by the Pryce family, who have operated a business on the banks of the River Etherow in Cheshire for the last 80 years, Lymefield Garden Centre has chosen to stock a wide range of flavours from both the Love Popcorn snacking and gourmet ranges.#

Lymefield Garden Centre gift box

Available to visitors in Lymefield’s farm shop and garden centre, Love Popcorn can also be found in Lymefield’s rainy day treat box alongside Mr. Fitzpatricks vintage cordials and world-famous Cartmel sticky toffee puddings.

Video illusions

Running drive-in cinemas at locations across Kent this summer, Video Illusions has come to us to source its supplies for events that have proved incredibly popular with attendees.

Love Popcorn Sea Salt and Sweet have been the flavours provided and enjoyed as patrons have watched films like Jurassic Park, 1917, Toy Story and appropriately with our motor racing links, Cars.

Leeds Castle

Another new stockist in the South East, Leeds Castle has decided to offer flavours from the Love Popcorn snacking range to guests as part of the welcome trays in its bed and breakfast accommodation.

Luxury is a watchword for “the loveliest castle in the world” and we are delighted that Love Popcorn has been chosen to grace the rooms of the Stable Courtyard and the Maiden’s Tower.

Café Maelmin

Located in the Northumbrian village of Millfield, a stones-throw away from the historic Flodden battlefield and the Ford & Etal estate, Café Maelmin has chosen to stock items from both the Love Popcorn snacking and gourmet ranges as part of their stock North East made goods.

The café’s position on the main A697 road through north Northumberland into the Scottish borders means that Love Popcorn can be enjoyed by those enjoying this spectacular part of the world.


Created in January 2019, Sweetzy has evolved into one of the biggest online pick’n’mix companies in the UK and has decided to include Love Popcorn Salty-Sweet and Sweet flavours in its Film Night In box.

Love Popcorn sits alongside some of the world’s leading brands of snacks in the boxes provided by the five-star Trustpilot-rated firm, perfect to enjoy as part of a home cinema experience.


A Scottish family business that has served the UK for over 60 years, Farmfoods has selected our Love Popcorn sweet flavour to offer in its network of over 300 stores.

The popcorn comes in an exclusive 300g bag that allows customers to see the delicious, fluffy popcorn with the striking Love Popcorn diamond sitting proudly on the front.

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5 stars all day long. My life long guilt has been crisps and I could not stop snacking on them. I found out that popcorn was a healthier alternative – though I wasn’t sure about the idea at first. After ordering from here I am now addicted. Who would believe you could have popcorn in so many flavours?

Harry Peacock / 06 December 2019